Club Records

If you wish to attempt to break a club record, please contact Jeni Herman to find out what you need to do. Here are the current Club Records:

Click here for the latest Club Records PDF document
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Program of Events

Our 2023-24 program of events is shown below. This is only a tentative schedule and is subject to changes at the discretion of the committee (due to extreme weather, unexpected pool closure or other unforeseen events).  Swim nights still go ahead if it’s raining or cold – nights are only cancelled due to weather if the pool management makes a decision to officially close the pool for safety reasons.

Program of events 2023-24.pdf
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Member Handbook

Our Member Handbook contains all of the information that members need to know in order to compete in events at Lawson ASC.

Lawson ASC Member Handbook 2023-24.pdf
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National Integrity Framework

Swimming Australia and its Member Organisations remain fully committed to the protection of children, young people and our members in our sport, and our club encourages all members to familiarise themselves with the policies in the recently adopted National Integrity Framework, and to raise the issue of child safety to everyone involved in swimming clubs.

Our members are required, at all times, to comply with the rules in the Framework documents. The current versions of each of these documents can be accessed at

In particular, members must comply with Sports Integrity Australia’s Standards and Prohibited Conduct guide, which is available via this link.

Race Entry Card Instructions

This shows you how to properly fill in our race entry cards so you can compete in our club events.  Also included are instructions that show time-keepers what information needs to be recorded by them onto the cards at the conclusion of each race.

Race Entry Card Instructions.pdf
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Weekly Time Recording Sheet

Use this spreadsheet to keep track of your times and monitor your progress throughout the season.  This also helps you to ensure that you’ve swam all of the necessary qualifying events prior to the start of Club Championships in February.

Adobe Reader Format:  2023-24 Weekly Time Recording Sheet.pdf
Microsoft Excel Format:  2023-24 Weekly Time Recording Sheet.xls
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Swimming Rules

Official Swimming Australia rules document.
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Lawson ASC Constitution

Our current club constitution can be viewed below:

Lawson ASC Constitution – 9 June 2006.pdf
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Committee Members

Our club’s 2023-24 committee members are:

President: Jeni Herman

Vice President: unfilled

Secretary: David Tobin

Treasurer: Annaliese Thompson

Race Secretary: Dylan Chambers

Registrar: Dylan Chambers

Publicity Officer: unfilled

Fundraising: Lynne Aldous

General Committee: Emma Gray, Jacqui Kenner, Trace Shipton, Jasmin Tailford

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